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Blogs allow members to engage in pesisted communications, discussions and opinions on topics of their choice. These should be related to military and verteran community topics.

Public Blogs

Public Blogs may only be created, posted to and commented on by members. They are visible to the public which includes all visitors to the Veterans' Assembly web application.

Private Blogs

Private Blogs, postings and comments are limited to members who belong to a special friend group by invitation from the blog owner and acceptance of that invitation.

Friend Groups

Friend Groups allow access restrictions to be placed on blogs. The blog is assigned to a group by its owner. The owner may make the group public or private. Public groups allow open member access to post and comment on the blog. Private groups restrict posting and comment capabilities to an invitation only group of members who have accepted friend invitations from the owner and are listed for the group.


Members who have access to a blog may post to it. A post is the primary blog entry and may be replied to by one or more comments. Posts are currently limited to text only and for site security, may not contain URLs or e-mail addresses.


Members who have access to a blog may comment as a reply to any of its posts. A comment is a secondary blog entry and is used to reply to a blog post. Posts may have no comments or one or more comments. Comments are currently limited to text only and for site security, may not contain URLs or e-mail addresses.


The owner of a blog may assign tag keywords to it. These keywords allow the site search facility to find and identify the blog, its posts and comments for inclusion in search result listings. This allows site members and visitors to rapidly identify blogs and galleries which are relevant to their interests. Searches are not restricted to tags unless they are solely specified in advanced searches. Searches will gather results matching any input from any of several sources of information in the site database. Tags allow searches to be more focussed.

Interactive Communication

Blogs are an online form of interactive communication which allows members of the site to exchange througts, ideas, concepts, opinions and other information freely in a persisted form. Blogs may have an indefinite life-time and may receive posts and comments rapidly or over a period of weeks, months or even years.

Military Network Portal

The Veterans' Assembly web application is a United States Armed Forces Military Networking Portal. The blogging feature of the site allows online interaction between members, allowing them to share information and in the process, learn and evolve their own world views regarding the topics discussed.

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