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Paper Veterans' Assembly

     Where-ever you find them,
            on active duty, in recreation lounges, at home on leave, honorably discharged or retired,
            at work or in college, in VA Hospital waiting rooms and wards, abroad or at home
            in the community, or at eternal peace ...

            They and their dependents are among the finest men and women on this Earth.

            They are Veterans.

            Honor the sacrifices they have willingly made in service to country, community and
            to fellow veterans.

Veterans' Assembly

Military Veterans

                is a free communications portal for US Veterans and their dependents.

                We veterans know each other well, transcending all services, cultures, races, genders and temporal eras in US Military History. From World War I, World War II, Korea and Viet Nam to Grenada, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, Veterans went into service sharing some of the same ideas. Continual training from boot camp to civilian and civilian universities has since aclimitized us and instilled in every veteran, a common thread of honor, integrity and love of country, a love of humanity. Every veteran is however, more than simply a patriot. We are our own identity, our own culture ... once a vet, always a vet. Our service doesn't end when we leave the military. It only changes context.

And Veterans know life. Their experiences have exposed them to the world in ways that exceed normal cosmopolitan and community influences. Veterans cherish life, but we, all of us, know what it means to lay down life as an untimate sacrifice to the principles of liberty and freedom which are the pillars of our national heritage and beliefs.

This interactive military networking communication, discussion and support web site portal is ours, an online way for us to share our thoughts and continue to gain strength and mutual guidance from each other. It's a way to find out where we need to help each other out, a way to communicate with each other and our loved ones, family, wife, husband, children, friends and supporters. No Military, nation defense or security topic is outside the scope of this site, whether weapons systems, war, history of conflict, ships, tanks, rifles, cannon, missles, aircraft, engagements, battles, fights, tactics, service branches, politics, training, retirement, prisoners, caualties, service awards, rehabilitation, prosthetics, post traumatic stress disorder, stress, home-coming, civilian treatment of veterans, soldiering, family, buddies, chain of command, personal thoughts and so on. Veterans' Assembly is our forum, our portal. Just keep secret and confidential what needs be left secret and confidential, please. Avoid dishonoring or exposing your fellow service people and their units.

The Veterans' Assembly armed forces web application provides a place for veterans, soldiers, sailors, shipmates, marines, airman and their family members, wives, husbands, children, kids, dependents and supporters to freely share their thoughts, experiences, opions, topics and sentiments on issues which effect them, their communities, country and the world. The topics and discussions they might have can be private and secure, limited to groups of chosen member friends. This site is designed to protect freedom of speech for members of the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves, and their friends, dependents and supporters. The assembly site blogs, galleries, messaging and kiosks are for their free use to share amongst themselves in the military service community, to help them support each other and promote themselves in the heavy task of defense, preserving national security and world peace.

Our injured, wounded and disabled, men and women who have sacrificed for their country have a place on Veterans's Assembly, along with those who when returning home, find difficulty in adjusting to civilian life, whether retiring or being discharged. The stage of ware and peace, diplomacy, modern warefare and police actions behind them, veterans can find other veterans here, on Veterans' Assembly. We are never alone. We are Americans among Americans and the politics, terrorism, unrest and upheavals in a continously unstable world remain our concern. And our fellow vets, officers and enlisted, on active duty deployment, whose pride and teamwork are not unlike that which we shared, continues to serve our nation and world peace.

Welcome, fellow vets!

Military Portal

Veterans' Assembly is a armed forces network portal site. It allows its members to freely exchange informations, thoughts, ideas, concepts, discussions and opinions over the network.

Online Web Application

Veterans' Assembly is an online tool for its members, a web application site. It is more than a simple billboard web site. It allows its members to add their own content and engage in interactive exchange and discussion, not just with the web site, but with other members of the site as well.


Veterans' Assembly Blogs are multi-dimensional forums. Members are free to create their own blogs, posts and comments. They may create public blogs which are viewable both by other members and the public. Or they my create private blogs, either a blog that serves only them, say as an online journal, or they may create private blogs which are shared only between a limited number of other members in friend groups. Only members of a group may post to or comment on blogs in a private group. Private group blogs may be public for viewing or private, viewable only by other members.


Veterans' Assembly Galleries are multi-dimensional. Members are free to create their own galleries with captions. They may create public galleries which are viewable both by other members and the public. Or they my create private galleries, either a gallery that serves only them or they may create private galleries which are shared only between a limited number of other members in friend groups. Only members of a private group may view such galleries.


Veterans' Assembly Kiosks are an online form of message board. Kiosks may contain member text and comments, images or advertising. Each member has their own publicly viewable kiosk and can control its content, by blocking what they do not want displayed. The web site has its own public kiosk which is open to posting of text, comments an images by all members. The public kiosk also includes advertising. Users may only edit, modify and delete their own posts on the site's public kiosk.


Every member has a simple site text messaging tool which is limited in scope to the Veterans' Assembly site. The messaging tool allows an exchange of private messages between members and is used to accept friend group invitations.

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